Global Executive Search Mandate – VP Software for a European Medical Robotics startup

Mandate: Recruiting a VP Software (with a potential transition to CTO) for a Medical Robotics Startup in Poland.

Conclusion: NTX Services was able to successfully fill the position within ~ 7 weeks of starting the search process.

A medical robotics startup based in Poland, came to NTX Services to lead an Executive search mandate for a VP Software Engineering (with a possible transition to CTO) to lead their talented team of engineers across multiple product lines, who are dedicated to building the next generation of assistive devices and human machine interfaces for rehabilitation. This mandate was following a recent raise and was meant to find the right individual to support the company’s growth plan and product line expansion.

NTX Services was mandated to find the right person for the role, using its signature “high touch” approach by performing the following key tasks:

  • Understanding the ask from the company, accounting for technical competencies, leadership skills and cultural fit
  • Gathering interest for the role by advertising the position on the NTX Job Board, social media channels and Newsletter
  • Sourcing the right candidates using tools including NTX Services’ proprietary global database of candidates in neurotechnology/ adjacent fields along with conventional recruiting tools (equipping us with a deep understanding of candidates’ skill sets, experience, interests and openness to relocation/travelling)
  • Validating eligibility of the candidates by conducting initial interviews and presenting interview reports to the company with a recommendation
  • Advising/ Iterating with the client in order to provide insights to optimize the search approach


NTX Services was able to successfully fill the position within ~ 7 weeks. The successful candidate was part of a list of 8 viable candidates presented to the company along with detailed interview reports and recommendations.

Our team had screened over 3000 candidate profiles with the requisite skill set across the globe and conducted several initial interviews to find the best candidate for the role.