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Who we are

We are a unique firm specialized in Neurotechnology & Digital Health, industries where we have unique insight into technologies, business models and the dynamic environment in which companies operate.

• We provide impact through our Advisory Services covering Go-to-Market Strategy, Finance / Valuation, Technical & Scientific Review/Planning, as well as Market Access.

• We also collaborate with our sister company Myelin Capital Inc. to provide Investor Introductions & Brokerage services for companies looking for support in the context of their fundraising efforts.

• Finally, we can also leverage, as needed, our exclusive relationship with NeuroTechX, the largest international neurotechnology community and its ~ 20,000 + talented members to access niche talent and knowledge.

Mission statement

• To aid in the commercialization of Neurotechnology and Digital Health at scale by serving as a trusted industry player with global knowledge and experience in the field.

Our history

• Founded by an interdisciplinary group of individuals with a passion for neurotechnology, NeuroTechX came to life in 2015 to create an inclusive platform for neurotechnology experts and enthusiasts.

• NTX Services (NTXS) was initially created in 2019 to harness the knowledge and expertise from the NeuroTechX network, while building a robust (internal) multi-disciplinary team with deep expertise across a wide range of service areas.

• Over the years, NTXS has delivered 100+ projects across multiple indications, technology stacks, geographies, and company maturities. We have also expanded our offering to further support our clients on strategic needs (e.g., Investor Introductions & Brokerage services)

• As of today, NTXS is continuously monitoring and evaluating innovative companies and projects in the industry, with the objective of establishing viable and actionable commercial models anchored in a pragmatic understanding of industry dynamics.

meet our team

Adam Sefler, CPA, CFA

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Sefler is a Strategy and Finance expert with a unique knowledge of the neurotechnology industry.

On top of co-founding NTX Services and becoming a trusted advisor to Executives in the field of Neurotechnology, Adam has cumulated over 15 years of experience across world- renowned firms, including the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Throughout his career, Adam has developed expertise in Strategy, Corporate & Transactional Finance, Operations, Project Management, Risk Management, as well as Organizational Design and Change Management, allowing him to tackle business problems from a wide range of angles, helping clients at different life stages, from startups to established multi-billion dollar companies.

Adam holds CPA, CFA, CAIA and PRM designations, as well as a Graduate Degree in Accounting from HEC Montreal.

Radhika Gupta, MBA, CFA

Chief Operating Officer

Radhika Gupta is a Finance and Marketing professional with buy-side investment experience and a passion for neurotechnology.

Radhika has accumulated 10+ years of experience across various industries in Fortune 500 companies and Investment Funds.

Throughout her career, Radhika has developed expertise in Investments, Valuation, Marketing, Sales, and Operations across a wide variety of developed and emerging countries.

Prior to joining NTX Services as a COO, she worked as a buy- side investment professional at a $200B+ Canadian Investment Fund, evaluating companies for a ~ CAD $1B+ equity portfolio.

Radhika has intentionally pursued education across various disciplines in business through an MBA in Finance at McGill and a BCom in Marketing at UBC, in order to develop a holistic approach in practice. She is also a CFA Charterholder.

Guillaume Poirier


Guillaume Poirier is a neuroscientist specialized in Digital Brain Health. With 16 years of basic and applied experience, he has contributed to the neurotech industry through his roles at foundational startups such as Akili and Statespace, but also to the research community by delivering 30+ publications.

By effectively translating cognitive and neuroscience insights into product design, he has successfully leveraged new technologies to design and test interventions across a diverse range of medical indications.

As a passionate advocate for emerging technologies with untapped health benefits, Guillaume draws upon his broad interdisciplinary research experience encompassing molecular, network physiology, and behavioral analysis. This expertise allows him to support the development of robust evidence- based solutions, focusing on accurate assessment, real-world monitoring, and effective treatment strategies.

Guillaume holds a Ph.D. in Psychology (Neuroscience) from Cardiff University.

Sydney Sue


Sydney Sue holds an MSc in Human Genetics from McGill University and an HBSc in Genetics and Biochemistry from Western University. At NTXS, she has supported leadership on a variety of strategic and technical projects. Her knowledge base spans Neuroscience, Genetics, AI, and Biochemistry, making her a versatile asset to the team.

Shiven Taneja


Shiven Taneja graduated with an HBSc in Cognitive Science, Computer Science, and Economics from the University of Toronto. He has supported NTXS leadership on a range of strategic and technical projects, bringing a multidisciplinary approach that includes Cognitive Science, Computer Science & AI, and Economics.

Anna Peters


Anna Peters, with a BA in Neuroscience from Harvard University, has contributed to NTXS by supporting leadership on various strategic projects. Her knowledge in Neuroscience and Health Policies enriches the depth of expertise on the team.

Speaking Engagements & Industry Participation

Adam Sefler was a panelist on the “Neurotechnology Development and Commercialization Panel” organized by IEEE Brain. He discussed challenges and opportunities in bringing neurotech products to market.


Adam Sefler is a member of the Industry Advisory Board for this educational program, advising on curriculum and providing industry insights to align the program with market needs.

Adam Sefler & Radhika Gupta discussed the role of consulting in neurotech, highlighting the diverse projects and value-added solutions offered by NTX Services.

Adam Sefler participated in the “BCI Thursday: Career Advice Panel,” offering guidance and insights for career development in the neurotech industry.

Adam Sefler contributed as an expert in a panel titled “The Science and Strategy of Growing a Neurotechnology Startup,” discussing business strategies and scientific considerations for neurotech startups.

Radhika Gupta discussed neurotech commercialization on Heads Talk. She covered investor appetite, competition, and regulation, leveraging her prior investment background.

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