360° Strategic Plan for New BCI Division

Preparation of a 360° Plan (Strategic, Financial, Org, Technical, Scientific) for a Dual (Consumer / Clinical) Path BCI Project

 A Neurotechnology company  came to NTX Services in order to identify potential BCI projects that could leverage the company’s internal know-how and IP, while developing new technologies and use cases in both Consumer & Clinical areas. 

NTX Services prepared a comprehensive plan, ensuring the company had a turnkey solution and had the necessary insights and clarity to move forward by:

  • Defining key areas to be addressed (e.g., Corporate & Business Development Strategy, R&D Strategy & Roadmap, Financial montage and Use of funds, Organizational design & Recruiting, etc.)
  • For each key area, establishing short term milestones, and delivering on each milestone in collaboration with the client’s team
  • Providing a detailed 36-month roadmap covering Deliverables, IP Creation, De-risking factors and Next steps
  • Preparing a detailed 36-month budget ensuring the optimization of government and other grant funding
  • Presenting an Org structure with Roles & Responsibilities and corresponding CAP Table for Founding team

Impact & Next Steps
The company was very happy with all deliverables, allowing them to discuss with their investors and present the new potential products and solutions they could be launching with the support of NTX Services. These new innovative products and solutions would leverage both the company’s know-how, their partnering Lab’s expertise and IP, with NTX Services bridging the gap when required.