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Commercialization Consultants

NTX Services is a specialized Advisory group dedicated to supporting Startups, Scaleups, Strategics and Investors in their efforts to commercialize Neurotechnology and (Neuro) Digital Health innovations.

We provide hands-on support on topics ranging from Product Development to Go-To-Market Strategy & Market Access, as well as Fundraising & Investments.

In the past couple of years, we have supported a variety of technologies and indications from companies across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Our expertise spans both Hardware and Software Medical Devices, and covers the full range of Medical Device Classes.

Pathways to Neurotech Success

Idea Validation & Industry Fit

Fine-tune your neurotech concept for the right applications. We use a combination of market insights and industry knowledge to validate your technology’s potential and guide you towards applications where your technology could make the greatest impact

Go-to-Market Strategy

Bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization. Our tailored go-to-market strategies encompass market segmentation, positioning, and channel selection for your neurotech solutions to successfully reach your target patient population at the right time. 

Strategic Market Insights

Unlock the power of targeted audience engagement through specialized market research, conducted within the framework of our broader strategic consulting services. Gain actionable insights into stakeholder mapping and competitor landscapes to sharpen your business decisions in the neurotech sector.

our services

Strategic Consultancy

Your business strategy, refined. From crafting data-driven business plans and go-to-market strategies to offering deep expertise in finance, marketing, and operations, our team is equipped to guide your venture through its various life stages. Benefit from customized consulting services that evolve with your business.

Capital & Ecosystem Navigation

Secure the right funding at the right time. We provide comprehensive support through your funding rounds, including pitch deck preparation, financial modeling, and optimal fundraising strategies. Beyond funding, our tailored reports and due diligence services elevate your understanding of the neurotech landscape.

Patient Engagement & Growth Services

In partnership with Neurotech Network, we offer targeted market validation, community engagement programs, and relationship-building with key opinion leaders and potential partners to catalyze your growth. Beyond fundraising support, our tailored reports and due diligence services are also aimed at investors to support their understanding of the neurotech landscape.

Venture Building & Executive Leadership

Our venture building services go beyond strategy and market insights to include the crucial element of leadership. We specialize in recruiting high-caliber executives with the expertise to lead and scale your neurotech initiatives, leveraging our expansive industry network to find the best fit for your venture's unique needs.

Technical Feasibility Assessment

Before diving in, know where you stand. Our technical feasibility assessments give you a clear understanding of your technology's potential limitations and advantages for a given use case. Utilize our analytical capabilities to make informed decisions about your product's potential commercial viability in the neurotech market.

Knowledge & Content Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with our curated knowledge sessions and content. Whether you're looking to gain industry insights or upskill your team in neurotech, our workshops, events, and in-depth reports offer tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs.

our Approach

We develop unique and innovative solutions tailored for every client

What sets us apart is not just what we do, but how we do it. We employ a data-driven, client-centric methodology, underpinned by years of neurotech industry experience, that places your objectives at the heart of our strategy. Our multidisciplinary team of experts delves deep into your challenges to unearth insights that others might overlook. The result is a tailor-made solution, designed to fit your specific needs and market conditions.

While the neurotech landscape is still evolving, our approach aims to provide you with actionable plans and the insights you need to adapt and navigate this complex field.

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